Shedeye Investigator

Shedeye Investigator is all about detailed analysis and investigation of specific topics related to sheds, garages and carports and the shed industry in general.


1.  The Reflectivity Requirements of Shed Metal Cladding (April 2011)

This investigation takes a look at the BASIX, BCA and SEPP in regard to the reflectivity of shed metal cladding.  Thermal Efficiency, building sustainability and weathering are all discussed, in addition to a detailed analysis of interpretations of the various classification schemes and their definitions.


2.  Design Questions of Roller Doors in Portal Framed Steel Sheds (April 2011)

If a roller door fails, most portal framed steel sheds are not designed to withstand the changes to the negative and positive pressure, this will likely result in exceeding the engineering of the shed.  This article takes a comprehensive looks at what research has been done in this area, what measures have been addressed and the gaps that are still prevalent in the industry.


3.  Regulations – Gutters and Downpipes in Class 10a Buildings (May 2011)

Does any regulation or guidance exist  for gutters or downpipes in relation to the required discharge rates based on above average rainfall?  Are gutters being designed according to the rainfall averages and one in twenty year rainfall estimates?  The information and calculations are available, should the regulations provide more clarity in this area?  Shedeye investigates!


4.  Insulation in Class 10a Buildings (June 2011)

This report explains the various forms of insulation and the implications on sheds and garages.  The location specific requirements and the minimum level of insulation that should be installed in a shed or garage is discussed.  Hopefully this report leaves you with a good understanding of the jargon and what R-Value you need!