The standard Car Garage

Giving yourself enough clearance on either side of your car, you will need approximately 3 meters wide * 6 meters in length per car, you could reduce this by half a meter length wise, but it will be a tight fit and will barely effect your shed price.

Double Car Garage

Triple Car Garage

Four Car Garage

The Car Garage if you have the room

Five Car Garage

Six Car Garage

The Double Drive Through Steel Garage

Double Drive Through Garage

Double Drive Through Garage Back View
These are double car garages with the ability to drive through on the right hand
side. This is a classic design when you have the extra space behind the shed; you
can then drive your car out the back when need to wash it or when you need to move
the second car for more junk that is piling up!

The Single Drive Through Garage for big car

Single Drive Through Garage

Single Drive Through Garage – Other End
If you have a larger vehicle, like a Van or Hilux, then you will need more head
room in your garage. This garage has a higher door (3 meters high) and 3.4 meters
high roof (from the gutter). This particular shed also allows for storage or a workspace
at the end or at either side of the shed. You could offset the garage door more
to have a bigger space to one side, making even more room for your stuff.

Single Offset Drive Through Garage

Single Offset Drive Through Garage – Other End
You can see another smaller garage (6 meters * 6 meters) that uses this technique
to divide the shed into half garage and half personal use ara.

The Double Car Garage with Workspace

Double Car Garage With Workspace

Side and Back Workspace

These are classic design’s, two thirds of the garage for the cars, and the other third
for all of your tools, storage or if you are lucky enough a workbench for your next
masterpiece. The standard car is approximately 5 meters long, so giving yourself
half a meter at each end you will need to allocate 6 meters of your shed to the
car. 3 meters gives you a good area to move work your magic.
You have the option of increasing the width (gable) of the shed to increase your side storage area.

The Double Drive Through with Workspace Garage!

Front and Right Side

Back and Left Side