Half Price Aluminium Box Lengths for Sale – Maryborough

Posted on : July 9, 2015

If anyone is interested in the below please contact

Russell Cousins

M: 0410 780 238

E: rc@iig.com.au


Available dimensions of 7 meter & 6 meter lengths of boxed Aluminium.  It is new, not damaged and is still in the timber boxed packaging.  Russell is looking for around the half price mark.


  • 7 meter, 3mm Gauge, 100 x 75, 40 lengths
  • 6 meter, 4mm gauge, 100 x 100,  3 Lengths
  • 6 meter, 4mm gauge, 100 x 50,  29 Lengths
  • 6 meter, 6mm gauge, 50 x 50,  51 Lengths
  • And 24 x 6 meter corners.


IMG_2550 IMG_2546


Sidach North & Total Makeover Shed Distributor goes down

Posted on : April 19, 2013
Company: JRT (Tas) Pty Ltd
ACN: 146 839 241
Trading name: Sidach North & Total Makeover
Status: In Liquidation
Appointed: 13 March 2013




ShedSafe – An Industry Body or A Brand – Part 2?

Posted on : September 28, 2011

Shedsafe errors in the requirements of its members?

This Part 2 (of many to come) is basically regarding the accreditation requirements placed on its manufacturers of sheds that are Shedsafe Accredited. The first requirement that is outlined below is in regard to the thickness of the steel roofing utilised in shed construction. Prior to delving into this area – a brief explanation of the product flow is required of the steel used in the shed roof cladding .

The steel manufacturers process iron ore in a furnace to produce steel – very basic and this is then transformed into the many steel products available on the market. The roof sheet steel is in a coil approximately 940mm wide with a BMT (Base Metal Thickness) of 0.42mm which can have a Coloured paint coating or Zinc Aluminium Alloy. This coil is sold to the metal rollformers to run through a rollforming machine to get the required profile of roofing. These companies also rollform the purlins, battens, tophat, gutters, ridge cap, fascia, barge mould, gable roll and fold most of the required metal flashings. These are all rolled from an order from the shed manufacturer according to the shed being supplied. In some cases the shed reseller may be part of a large group and simply order direct from the parent rollformer.

So the rolled coloured corrugated roofing arrives on site (and all other parts) as a direct result from the customer shed order that has been designed, approved, manufactured, delivered and ready for erection. Your shed is also issued with a 15 year roofing, cladding and purlin warranty from the steel manufacturer also sometimes the parent company of the shed reseller.

Lets start with the quote to the customer from the shed reseller. You’ve given all the details of your requirements of a shed and accepted the quote. Here is a small sample of one such Shedsafe Accredited reseller that is also owned by a national Shedsafe Accredited Shed manufacturer.


Details of Roof Sheet Thickness


Notice the roof cladding is 0.40 TCT Trimdek Profile C/B. The Trimdek and Colorbond description is fine, the 0.40 TCT is the roof sheet properties – that is in this case a 0.40mm thick Total Coated Thickness or back to the earlier description is equivalent of 0.35mm BMT (Base Metal Thickness). So this is 0.07mm thinner than the normal roof sheeting that should be installed on a domestic sheds. Why do they supply this sheeting for roof materials on sheds? Because it’s cheaper and many people don’t know the difference! So Shedsafe accredited resellers and manufacturers have been through the extensive training and requirements of the ASI run Shedsafe group. In fact in one of their requirements of shed manufacturers to become accredited is the fact outlined above regarding product warranty for 15 years. Here is the item by Shedsafe that requires manufacturers and resellers to:


15 Year Roofing Warranty


So the Shed Industry Benchmark group of Shedsafe – is setting the target or requirement of a 15 year warranty and its strick accreditation process is followed by all of its members. So the sample above (a shed which was supplied in 0.35BMT roofing) will have a 15 year warranty? WRONG.

Now lets look at Shedsafe again, an industry body run by the ASI of which BlueScope is the major sponsor. BlueScope also manufacturers the steel coloured coil for these very same Shedsafe accredited manufacturers and resellers. So lets examine the warranty for 0.35BMT roofing use in sheds.



BlueScope Roofing & Cladding Warranty


The main part in this warranty is that the supplier of the steel will not give a warranty on the 0.35BMT roofing that can be found in part 1 of the terms and conditions of the BlueScope Shed & Garage Warranty.  The basic error is that the BlueScope run ASI and its ShedSafe group have not covered all the small detail and continues to stipulate that Shedsafe accreditation is the Industry Benchmark. If they cannot enforce a simple base metal thickness that the manufacturer stipulates – what else is also wrong?

If your shed is supplied with 0.35BMT (or 0.40TCT) roofing – then it is not covered by the BlueScope warranty and the shed reseller will have to provide an independent cover for this warranty. Will they provide a 15 Year warranty on a 0.35 BMT thick roof sheet?
Accreditation is a simple word that enforces the meaning of having all the checks and processes in place to eliminate error.
This is one error that Shedsafe has to correct.
Next week part 3 – more detail of the marketing group Shedsafe!

Shed Sales should see movement

Posted on : August 16, 2011

Previously Shedeye has tried to predict Shed Sales by looking at Car Sales trends.

Pending no consumer confidence melt down, an unfortunate possibility after the last couple of weeks of unjustified panic, things are looking up, a little.

Take the Short Term view of Car Sales from up until May


An now look at the same graph with figures up until July, there is a definite improvement and the downwards trend has stopped.



And the long term up until may.



Now with figures up until July.  This may be  indicative of an upwards trend.  That said the events of the last couple of weeks may put another dent in the car sales recovery.


Looking more closely the trend has seen a decrease of 0.2% from June 2011 to July 2011. However seasonally adjusted there has been an 8.6% increase from June 2011 to July 2011.

It would be interesting to see if car dealers are cutting prices and compare this to the current round of shed price cuts. There has been a wide spread cut (not all) in shed prices from distributors to try and ensure that they can take a cut of the smaller pie.


Happy Easter!

Posted on : April 24, 2011

Happy Easter from Shedeye, we hope you are enjoying your new sheds.

I have to share my Easter with you, don’t read if you are squeamish!

I have twin boys, and needless to say they are a bit partial to anything made of chocolate.

The Easter Bunny left this note, the important sentence is “Don’t eat all the chocolate at once”!


Do you think that the Easter bunnies advice was headed?  My Easter present was 2 hour of cleaning, Pro Hart has nothing on my Son!