IN2 SHEDS – Geelong – Another Shed Ripoff

Posted on : December 28, 2014
in 2 sheds rip off

In 2 Sheds

Check out the article here and here

Another one is added to the list and has been liquidated.

  • Debt of approximately $600,000
  • 62 people have lost deposits of $300,000

This is outrageous, something has to be done to stop this as the count of people that have lost deposits on sheds is getting very high.  I wonder how many more people need to lose their money before one of the so-called regulators does something to protect consumers.

in2sheds liquidation notice


It has been a while, and I am committed to adding new articles and research over the 2015 year.  I am adding some new features to the site and will start active development again.

I will be adding a paid advertising directory and will be offering some of the tools that have been developed by Shedeye to shed companies to help them with their sales process.  Stay tuned.


2 Responses to “IN2 SHEDS – Geelong – Another Shed Ripoff”

  1. Chris said...

    While ever you are allowed to set up a building business without any financial checks this will continue to happen. The removal in NSW for the requirements to hold a license to sell kits, the exemption of needing a license to do any building work other than for domestic or residential uses, the sky high limit of $20,000 for Home Owners Warranty insurance, the ability to trade as a licensed builder but not need any financial assessment unless offering the HOW insurance (meaning you can sell and build as many buildings as you want under $20,000), the list is endless.

    You even have Fair Trading in NSW not accepting or acting on complaints from other builders against another builder. We have been told they will only act here if they receive a complaint from a consumer. A little too late then in my book.

    Do you know what brand of shed they were selling? There needs to be more onus on the shed suppliers and their farce of an industry group, the Steel Shed Group, on the viability and ethics of it’s agents. It’s one thing to say that, in their opinion, the shed is structurally sound if the bloke selling it is a crook or poor businessman. My bet would be this agent would have paid the majority of it’s customers deposits to the shed supplier as fees for designs, etc., can some of that be retrieved?

    Why aren’t we shaming the head shed supplier, they keep supplying these cowboys and would have a good idea of where thy are headed? Of course it doesn’t worry most of them if an agent goes under, they then get to sell the area again, for a handy fee of course. It would be good to start keeping a tally of which major shed supplier has had the most agents go under, this could be a contributing factor.

    If you need any help, let me know, I know most of them.

  2. Shedeye said...

    “My bet would be this agent would have paid the majority of it’s customers deposits to the shed supplier as fees for designs, etc., can some of that be retrieved?”

    I know that this exact scenario did happen in one of the other shed ripoffs. I also know (I have written advice from one of the impacted customers) that the shed manufacturer did not refund any money. They generously provided a discount on a new shed and recharged the consumer!

    It is a good idea, and I will highlight this to the shed buyers.

    I also agree that the head shed supplier (shed manufacturer) should take responsibility for their distributors negligence. They profit from the distributors and it is ultimately their systems that are at fault (specifically if they are in receipt of the deposits).

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