Sidach South Ripped Off Customers

Posted on : June 5, 2013

Approximately 12  customers have had money stolen

Approximately 12  customers have had money taken and have not received a shed – Shedeye has been personally contacted by a few and this has seriously affected some people.  Some people have taken out loans to pay for the sheds, paid in full, and will now be left with the sting of repayments.


A call out to the Shed Industry to assist the victims

Any shed company or rollformer that aids these victims, with the intention of minimising or neutralising the loss of the consumers, will have free advertising on this site for a year, and the satisfaction that they have helped people out in need.  I will provide a list of the shed sizes and the loss made on each shed next week and who ever can do the best deal will get the advertising.


A call out to the any victims that need help getting a Shed

Any person that has paid money to  Sidach North or Sidach South and has not received a shed, can you please contact us using this link.  I hope that the industry will help, as there are so many great players in this industry and this type of behaviour is simply wrong.


Some more background

How does this happen when it is backed by a big name in the industry?  There are a few models that are operated in the Shed Industry, and the Sidach model was to brand their distributors with their name even though they are legally separate entities.  There is Sidach National and then in Tasmania there were three distributors that were contracted to provide Sidachs sheds.  Sidach makes money in a number of ways, from a booking fee when the order it place, and markup on the shed and components and rebates from the rollformers.

As seen below these companies are all branded under the Sidach brand.




It is clear from the below newspaper excerpts that Sidach is very keen to make it clear that these stores are independent, what they forgot to mention is that they were all branded under the Sidach brand.  Why Sidach  has not simply compensated these victims is completely bewildering to Shedeye.



The are a number of stories behind this tragedy, this can not become another Shed Warehouse or McFadden Kit Homes.

Much more to come soon…


6 Responses to “Sidach South Ripped Off Customers”

  1. Mike said...

    Hi Shedeye

    Its disappointing to here that about this situation. Please send me the details and ill take it to our board.


  2. Observer said...

    What happened to Sidach North West run by a G Lyn in Devonport as the building has signage saying its up for lease with no one at home operating last time I drove past, I see with interest and am following your very informative information regarding the unethical and down right naughty behaviour in my mind of the what was the parent company Sidach National but I see also they have advertised I bet after legal advice that they are not responsible for THIER privately owned distribution network ha, how is it they are still in business I wonder hmmm lawyer driven or money talks and bull shit walks. Ya know this’ll not be the end of it as I’m sure shedeye will keep us all fully informed of future proceedings hey. Great stuff guys, bloody good reading keep up the excellent work

  3. Paul Purdon said...

    Hi Shedeye,

    We have already assisted 6 of these poor Sidach customers and would welcome anyone else that needs assistance



  4. Chris said...

    Hi Shedeye,

    I sent you an email offering help on the 6th June but have heard nothing back. Have all the customers affected been helped? If not, please supply the details and I will see what I can do. Bit hard to help if we have no details.

    The reason for the private email and not here was we were not doing it for the “free advertising”, we just wanted to help and are sick of the major shed companies appointing agents to anyone who offers up the money with no experience or qualifications. This is what is causing all the problems in the first place.



  5. Observer said...

    I see with interest again that there’s another clearing sale on the 18th of July at Bridgewater Saleyards Tasmania South with respect to garages and sheds under the name of Sidach Sheds & Roberts Rural Supplies, begs the question would these be the same sheds as per the comments above the approx. 12 customers have had there monies stolen?

  6. Lee said...

    Roberts are auctioning new Sidach sheds on behalf of Sidach National here in Hobart on Thursday 18th July. Would these sheds auctioned belong to any of the poor victims? and why are the still trading.


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