Capital Steel Buildings Statement

Posted on : March 7, 2013

This statement was received from CSB Australia


Capital Steel Buildings, felt the need to voluntarily liquidate one of the companies associated with the shed business. It had nothing to do with debt to any suppliers. No money is owed to anyone in the industry.

Capital Steel Buildings is still running and a growing business. There is no risk to any of our distributors, software users or suppliers. CSB has a leading engineering software used by many people in the industry, which is not affected by this structural change.

I would also like to point out that CSB distributors and software users, have their own accounts with the suppliers, or are suppliers themselves, so there was never any risk to anyone in the industry, or their customers.


3 Responses to “Capital Steel Buildings Statement”

  1. The Roofer said...

    CSB is voluntarily liquidating one of it’s companies.
    CSB says it owns no debt to any suppliers.
    CSB is stil running and growing the business.

    Why would they voluntarily liquidate one of it’s own companies????

    Something doesn’t look right.

  2. Concerned said...

    The Roofer- “Why would they voluntarily liquidate one of it’s own companies????
    Something doesn’t look right.”

    I think you are right Roofer- why indeed?

    See Asic Winding Up Notice below-

    To be fair to CSB there is also a notice for Voluntary liquidation as well- but the voluntary liquidation specifically states it is for Capital Steel Buildings itself – not ‘just’ another one of their companies associated with their shed business!!!!


    Company details

    ACN:107 374 792
    An application for the winding up of CAPITAL STEEL BUILDINGS AUSTRALIA PTY LTD was commenced by the plaintiff Deputy Commissioner of Taxation on 22/11/2012 and will be heard as set out below.

  3. The insider said...

    CSB was wound up by the Australian Tax office for not paying tax. Anyone interested in finding out more please see that documents available at ASIC.

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