Shed of the Year 2012 UK

Posted on : July 13, 2012

The winner of shed of the year 2012 – is the pub shed “Woodhenge” owned by John Plumridge

This shed would probably also win the Australian Shed of the year – especially with the common PUB theme. Here is an extract from the article:

It was a such great example of the passion that the sheddies have and it’s amazing that John just started with a pagoda in this garden and has built his shed up from nothing into a great space for friends and family – John mainly used recycled wood from a shut down garden centre to make the majority of the shed. Its a brilliant use of space and shows that with some time and lots of effort you can create the prefect escape down the bottom of the garden. I loved how he has turned the walls inside into a feature showing off all the empty beer bottles that he and the many visitors to Woodhenge have consumed over the past four years. John tells me he’s not finished yet – so I look forward to seeing the additions and no idea what he’s going to to with his other sheds (yes he has lots)

And just a few of the photos of the winning shed!

Shed of The Year

Inside view of the PUB Shed

Another inside view

Seems so big inside!

See more details at Shedblog UKAlso a very interesting 2nd prize winner – The Water Shed!


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