Another Shed Company bites the Dust

Posted on : March 7, 2012

Shed Companies are dropping like flies in these difficult trading conditions and with an extremely competitive industry this is no surprise.

Unfortunately as of 01/03/2012
RimShaw Enterprises Pty Ltd, Trading as BuyaShed
has been placed in Liquidation.

For all enquiries please Contact:
Worrells – Solvency Accountants
Phone:             07 3280 6206

The Big question is who is next?  I have personally fielded 10 calls today with people speculating as to who is next, and if the industry is  right then it is a big player indeed.

As with all rumors their accuracy is dubious, irrespective there is a very good chance for a significant shake up in the industry and there is usually a period of consolidation during difficult times.

I really hope that no consumers are taken down in this mess, as happened with The Shed Warehouse,  that shed company has  seriously damaged many peoples lives.

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3 Responses to “Another Shed Company bites the Dust”

  1. The Roofer said...

    If more companies do go down this path – will the government help -NO! You may have to be a unionised industry to get the support of funding! WOW – the retail chain just went with over 600 employees, they got nothing! The auto industry just suggests its going to lay off 300 workers and get an instant relief package.

    The shed industry is a giant employer in Austrlia – and will need help – especially with prices rises about to happen after 1st July 2012.

    BlueScope just opened a new factory in India – if the big boys are leaving – what happens to the small outlets? I think there is more to come before this is over.

  2. Worried said...

    I am about to purchase from a very well known shed company, my concern is that it may be one of the ones you received the 7 calls about? Due to the carbon tax coming in I am about to pay a hefty deposit to lock in the price. The other thing that has made me worried is that on the weekend I noticed the same sheds and kit homes listed under a different company they are identical……

    How can the consumer look after themselves if major shed companies are going to drop like flies?

  3. The Roofer said...

    Hi Worried!

    I’d put it on The Forum here and ask a new question regarding this including the name of the company – a few of the members should be able to answer your questions.

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