New Shed on the Block

Posted on : December 26, 2011

Tetra Shed – Modular Shed Building!

Australia has had its revolution in steel sheds – advantages and problems come with this style yet a new modular shed style is emerging in the UK, USA and Europe. The shed is called TETRA-SHED and has just won the 100% Design Award  in the UK and is currently under negotiations with an Australian Shed Manufacturer.

Tetra Shed is different and modular, capable of adding multiple sections as shown below:

The Large Scale Modular Tetra-Shed

 And another picture showing smaller modular grouping:

Tetra-Shed smaller groupings

But the big surprise is the quailty and appearence of the shed by itself:

Outside Tetra-Shed Single Module

 And the inside is spectacular:

Shed Stunning Interior!

 With the above photos, it is very obvious that this system is easily adapted to the Australian mining, educational and accomodation industries. All of the industries and manufacturing groups are represented here, with the cladding being substituted with sheet Corten Steel, Stainless or even old corrugated for the backyard number.

Current BCA & ASA compliance is under way and will be available in 2012!


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