ShedSafe – An Industry Body or A Brand – Part 3?

Posted on : November 5, 2011

Shedsafe – A Question Mark?

Just answer one question please ?

What is the Base Metal Thickness required by ASI?

This is Part 3 and only a question? Within Shedsafe terms and conditions to join the group (brand) – the above item J. is applicable.

So – Shedsafe only allows BMT or TCT approved by the ASI – THE QUESTION IS what is the answer please. How thick is the BMT in all your shed members 0.35BMT or 0.42BMT or what? The ASI has now got to answer the question.


5 Responses to “ShedSafe – An Industry Body or A Brand – Part 3?”

  1. The Roofer said...

    Great question:

    Bet you DON’T get an answer!

    The Roofer

  2. Shedeye said...

    Roofer you are correct there has been NO answer!


  3. Sally said...

    I would say their thickness, mentally, is very thick, judging by the fact that they can’t give an answer?

  4. John said...

    Was this question ever answered?

  5. The Roofer said...

    Nope! And probably never will be answered – they are just a marketing group or arm of BlueScope and will suffer the same fate as BlueScope eventually will.

    How can marketers of a commercial brand be capable of answering a difficult question – when all the shedsafe approved companies sell 0.35 BMT roofing!

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