Sheds in QLD cost more.

Posted on : October 10, 2011

Sheds in Queenslands rural areas to cost $27,000 more?

Pineapple Packing Shed

Under the new draft put forward by the Queensland Government, an extra $27,254 is to be added to farmers if they wish to build a new shed for packaging, storage or transport on their own property as construction on Strategic Cropping Land (SCL) now will come under the Department of Environment and Resource Management (DERM).

If this draft is accepted through the QLD parliament – then the extra $27,000 plus will be added on top of all the other fees and charges neccessary to construct a shed on agricultural land. So the local council that usually has influence over these local building applications will have to cede to the rule of the State Government. The red tape increase for a shed supplier in Queensland will also become a nightmare as dealing with all the DERM requirements regarding environment and resource management will be out of the normal field of the shed industry facilities.

The new requirements apply to sheds over 750 square meters and to packaging facilities, accomodation for workers and tourists. The additional fee would prevent the increase of an agricultural business expanding operations that would normally employ more people and generate more income.

A DERM spokesman said  “DERM will act as a concurrence agency for any development requiring assessment under the Sustainable Planning Act.” We are talking about the shed industry and agriculture here – and the DERM spokesman (not person) states this! Being a concurrance agency for any development leaves the door open for the department to step in at any time during a development. This draft should be altered drastically or it will effect the large shed construction industry in Queensland.

The problem with a draft is that the QLD government take submissions (only the ones they chose) and then enact the legislation very quickly. The shed industry in general – if it had an Australian Association of members, then it could lobby the government and may be able to prevent this going through.

Mango Packing Shed

The Queensland Times is the only publication that is reporting this new draft and a lot of support is needed if the draft is to be stopped. The rural and agricultural industries in Queensland have been through enough without another regulation that if not obeyed could end up in court. The recent Tax Summit also highlighted the need to reduce the red tape – and this one will effect many industries. Shedeye is preparing a submission to lodge in relation to this draft proposal, invites all in the industries to send submissions to Shedeye to compile this submission in opposing the implementation of this draft.


5 Responses to “Sheds in QLD cost more.”

  1. The Roofer said...

    As I stated in the forum at I am willing to contribute toward this submission as the agricultural industry is massive compared to the shed industry and if they fail – then good-bye rollformers and shed manufacturers.

    Where is the SHED LOBBY group? – I think that you may be it Shedeye! I have been trying to get a Rollformer Lobby group also – but seems that the dominant players are not interested. Wait until BlueScope is taken over!

  2. SILENTWITNESS said...

    Typical labor government biting the hand that feeds them. After suffering from devastating floods this is how the government repays its battlers! No tourists QLD? Lets make the budget up from the farmers instead! What a sad mentality!

  3. Mike said...

    Great… plus a carbon tax to top it all off.

    We would be willing to contribute towards this as well. Have they even detailed what this $27k will actually be used for and how it will add value to the customer, or is this just another rebranded indriect tax on the end consumer?

  4. Dave said...

    Mike & Roofer,

    I’ve already sent Shedeye some info on the Rollformers involvement & percentages in the rural shed industry supply chain (pulins to flashings) from some QLD friends. Great if some info came from individual shed groups and roofing contractors to send data on the rural shed industry! Not only us in the rollforming industry but concretors, steel reinforcing, plumbing, electrical, insulation, private certifiers, engineers, and earth moving operators. Probably have missed many trades in this but the point is, if farmers and agricultural industries are going to charged ($27,000 plus for as you asked WHAT?) then all our industries are going to be crippled!
    The CO2 Tax – good grief – are we going to pay through the nose for this one!

    Why is the QLD govt even considering this after the floods early this year?

    Ed Note: (Agreed Dave – the more involvement by all industries adds weight to the submission) Shedeye

  5. Sheds said...

    The availability of the work places with the sheds have become a common site now and has proved to be quite effective until now and especially for such process. Now, after this new directives it remains to be seen as how the things will shape up.

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