Shed Warehouse directors fined

Posted on : August 17, 2011

Shed Warehouse Directors?

Where are these People?

As a consumer you have a lot to think about when buying your shed.

One thing you should not have to think about when you are buying your shed is somebody selling you a shed, taking the deposits, not delivering and taking off with the money. It has happened a number of times that Shedeye knows about, however this one has seen justice prevail.  Over a period of many years – The Shed Warehouse caused a lot of grief to customers wanting to own their dream shed – backyard retreat and storage area. They blamed everyone except themselves!

The sweet justice in this particular case is that one of the Directors, who unbelievably allegedly is still selling sheds in the industry (using a different name), was hit with a fine of $255,000 and an order to pay $600,000 in compensation.

Both the company and the director in question now have a criminal conviction recorded against them.

The second director will appear before the Magistrates Court at the end of September.  This director is also allegedly still active in the Shed Industry!

If you want to talk to the victims of this criminal offence they have set up a facebook page

One is apparently still in the shed industry in Brisbane and the other down to SA in an Adelaide shed business. Talk to the victims of this shed industry disgrace on the  Facebook link above.



5 Responses to “Shed Warehouse directors fined”

  1. The Roofer said...

    I think one is working in Brisbane South!

  2. the watcher said...

    Facts a little off slightly. One director was working for a mate on Brisbane southside but was moved on when the s++t hit early 2010. The other director is allegedly associated with his wife’s directorship of a shed company in S.A. In regards to who is responsible. The Governments have been told by me on many occasions that it was time they legislated to have monies retained in trust funds…. The office of fair trading in each state is the body responsible. However they are proactive after the mess has been done.

  3. The Roofer said...

    The Watcher,

    Agree “slightly” – but the Governments only react to Association Lobby Groups – and the current industry based ones haven’t achieved this. This could occur again – as the Govt won’t legislate until pressure is applied by the whole industry – not just a few of the larger ones involved. Rollformers will sell products to any customers unaware of the outcome? It must be done by a broad based cold rollformed steel industry! There are moves afoot for an independent steel rollfoming & associated industry association!

  4. the watcher said...

    the Roofer,
    Agree on one thing,about pressure. When I was first in the Industry, the small retailer had to pay a bond in advance for supply. That went and no-one wants responsibility. The cold Rollformers are not the problem in the chain. It’s shed designers and suppliers who sell quoting systems to independents and don’t concern themselves with the Customer even though they bought a “branded” shed and pass the responsibility onto the independent. Still say trust funds are the only practical solution..

  5. The Roofer said...

    The Watcher,

    A very good point regarding the obvious disregard of shed designers and suppliers whose ultimate aim is to gain ongoing revenue with software design from independents etc. The main goal is for customers to be guaranteed that the shed they order is safe and going to arrive. A trust of some sort – but for this the lobby group comes into play. Lysgaht, Stratco, Metroll and Stramit are also shed supply chain owners along with Fielders to a minor extent.

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