Is the Shed Safe

Posted on : August 6, 2011

Shedeye has been given many examples of Shed failures from the general public, if you want to keep your shed safe then you should read this article!

For those that are in the shed industry, there will be a prize for who ever can correctly identify the design fault from the pile of scrap metal.

Why did this shed fail?

How did this get passed through council?

Was this shed signed off by an Engineer?

How did the software controls allow this shed design to be built?

How did the shed seller not understand that the shed they were selling was faulty?

Why are these failures not investigated completely and the results published so that the industry can improve?


Please note that a car has been removed from one of these pictures.


5 Responses to “Is the Shed Safe”

  1. Dave said...

    Is the Shed Safe?

    Is this a hint? You could answer this question as Yes or No!

    1. Is the Shed Safe! No it isn’t as it failed!
    2. Is the Shed Safe! Yes – it is Shed Safe!

    This industry can only improve if the industry as a whole improves by learning from serious errors in design engineering of steel portal frame buildings. But transparency is required, apparently not in existence until this report.

    Well done Shedeye !!!

  2. The Roofer said...

    Great find – the industry has to be accountable through an independant external body – not by an industry owned marketing group. It’s time the shed industry had it’s own association without the BIG boys influencing everything.

    The outcome of this story will be very interesting!

  3. James said...

    When did this building come down?

    When was the engineering signed off? By who?

    Which company sold the building?

    Is this a Shedsafe approved shed?

  4. The Roofer said...


    I can’t be certain – but pretty sure this is a ShedSafe accredited shed company (and a big one) – I can only hope Shedeye brings the details forward of the results – that way others in the industry will be aware of the design, construction or engineering faults etc.

    The Roofer

  5. Shedeye said...

    The answer to, “who can correctly identify the design fault”, can be found on

    You will have to register to see the discussion (very interesting!).

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