Shed Erectors Need Tight Undies

Posted on : June 18, 2011

Shed erectors working on roofing areas should be aware of the dangers of sunburn through reflection of the lighter roof colours and also from Zincalume. The older Baby Boomers seem to be aware through experience and also majority wore tighter shorts and undies. The resulting sunburn to neather regions wasn’t as common. But as recently as 2008 with the new generations love of loose shorts and undies – the sunburnt areas (to extremeties) are increasing.

Refer to this article from 2008 – see

As reported in the article – the temperature can increase by 10 degrees C on roof areas and aslo the reflection of UV radiation also is magnified – so it is very advisable to wear tight undies or long pants. The other main concern in working on roof tops is maintaining hydration due to the lack of water supply and the increased temperature.

"Tiight Undies Needed"


"Not a good idea"



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  1. The Roofer said...

    Good Read – but maybe brings new meaning to Sunburn – this is also very relevant to the roofing industry.

    Ummm! Shed Erections are dangerous areas for sunburn?

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