Garden Sheds Not Waterproof?

Posted on : June 21, 2011

Garden sheds are not supposed to leave their spot and go swimming. But this one seemed to like the neighbours pool and headed in after strong winds and rain recently in Perth. The full news item can be found at and the picture below is by Shelly Hanson.

"Not all garden sheds are waterproof"

This may be amusing – but the fact is many garden sheds are just placed on the ground with no anchorage to the base or simply screwed (dynabolted) to small pavers. The above is the result and regulations don’t exist to prevent this sort of occurance happening regularly.

Does this sort of damage need to be regulated – obviously someone has to pay for the cleanup and reinstallation. Do the insurance companies cover this type of storm damage? Without going to the extreme of Council intervention – maybe Garden Shed Suppliers could give instruction and heavier dynabolts for installation onto a permanent concrete slab. If this advice is not followed – then simply the shed owner is responsible legally for all damage caused!



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