Shed sizes from Shedeye Designs

Posted on : April 23, 2011

Shedeye now has over 1000 sheds that have been designed using Shedeye, something we are quite stoked with.  We are on target as we stated in our 100 shed milestone.

This has given us access to some interesting statistics, for example the average size of sheds that has been designed using Shedeye is :


Shed size averages

Width : 7.3 meters

Length : 10.4 meters

Height 2.8 meters


Biggest Shed size

Width : 20 meters

Length : 75 meters

Height : 2.6 meters

Smallest Shed size

Width : 2.0 meters

Length : 2.5 meters

Height : 2.4 meters

The most Popular colours

Roof : Pale Eucalypt (TM)

Walls : Classic Cream (TM)

(This may be distorted as these are the default colours of the shed designer.  Also the current version does not allow Zinc to be selected.)

All in all we are very happy indeed, we are miles above any of our expectations.  Please keep the feedback coming.


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