Happy Easter!

Posted on : April 24, 2011

Happy Easter from Shedeye, we hope you are enjoying your new sheds.

I have to share my Easter with you, don’t read if you are squeamish!

I have twin boys, and needless to say they are a bit partial to anything made of chocolate.

The Easter Bunny left this note, the important sentence is “Don’t eat all the chocolate at once”!


Do you think that the Easter bunnies advice was headed?  My Easter present was 2 hour of cleaning, Pro Hart has nothing on my Son!



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  1. ROOFER said...

    Happy Easter to you Shedeye,

    This website keeps getting better everyday – do you have any more Shedeye Investigator Reports coming up – the Reflectivity one was great.

    Like the Pro Hart effort too!!!

    The ROOFER

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