NSW SEPP takes over from local councils on 1st September 2011

Posted on : March 29, 2011

Compliant and exempt developments will be determined by the State Environmental Planning Policy (Exempt and Complying Development Codes) 2008, for all local councils from the 1 September 2011. This means that the SEPP will override ALL local environmental plans and development control plans for exempt and complying developments.

This a great piece of legislation, as any move to create consistency at the state or federal level is a brilliant initiative in Shedeye’s view! The BCA has made great inroads into standardising Building Codes for best practice and now the SEPP has moved to consistent approach for in applying Exempt and Complying Development Codes across NSW.

Can the regular human navigate this code easily, if you have a few hours to invest and have nothing better to read, then yes it is quite clear, with a few ambiguities thrown in for good measure. Where the SEPP is not clear is on how it all ties together, especially in the shed and garage playground.

There are a few surprises thrown in, for example a shed (not a carport) for any other purpose than a cabana, garden shed or a gazebo cannot be classified as an exempt development.  If you think a single car garage can come in as an exempt development then you have another thing coming! If you have a 3 meters wide x 6 meters long shed that is being used as a class 10a building and is not in one of the above then you are not building an exempt development, even though your floor area is less than 20 meters squared.

We have some more articles to demystify the SEPP soon.


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  1. ROOFER said...

    Thanks Shedeye for another great informative article – always so far ahead in the details of the shed industry and changes.

    I have two questions regarding the above article.

    1. Are any other states following this style of legislation?
    2. Do the building Codes or classes of buildings change from the BCA?

    Thanks ROOFER

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