Carbon Tax to Send Shed Prices Sky High

Posted on : March 1, 2011

Shed Photo compliments of Alibaba LTD

How do you think the shed industry will be after you study the ramifications below?

What will be the implications on shed prices of the current governments carbon tax of approximately $20 per tonne of carbon dioxide along the supply chain of manufacturing, delivering and erecting a shed on your property. Just to explain carbon tax simply – is if you look at your electricity bill – it will show how many tonnes of CO2 you have put into the atmosphere simply by living and doing the normal things everyday. Approximately 4 tonnes of CO2 is expelled into the air if your bill is around $500.00 per quarter.

To manufacture, process, deliver and erect your shed is also putting this CO2 into the atmosphere and will be calculated accordingly, adding to shed or garage prices. The basic principles of economics will apply to all industry, transport, offices etc, so in dollar terms, you will be hit with an additional Carbon Tax amount relative to the location, power usage in all areas and the construction of your shed.

Indicators so far are expecting in manufacture and transport of 16% increase plus the additional charges the shed resellers, manufacturers, transport companies and administration will charge to cover these costs anywhere up to 20% increase in shed prices . BIG, BIG BIG and will get bigger – but don’t worry it will be on everything from roast lamb, fuel, holidays, restaurants, etc etc. Shed and Garage prices are not alone and if you are looking to save money – purchase your shed (and everything else) before the introduction of Carbon Tax but if you want to stop CO2 entering the atmosphere you must wait for the introduction of Carbon Tax!!!!!!

Will this make substitutes such as wood and brick more price competitive?  Are steel price rises in conjunction with the carbon tax going to make shed prices too expensive for the backyard shed?


4 Responses to “Carbon Tax to Send Shed Prices Sky High”

  1. Roofer said...

    Shedeye – Great Article – what is the ASI’s response to this – they run the Shed Group or SHed Safe don’t they??? The Australian Steel Institute (ASI) should be onto to this – but you’re the first website that seems to bring the topic to the public eye? The promotion of steel in the Australian market is going to take a BIG dive down after this tax comes in.

  2. Mags 118 said...

    This Carbon Tax is going to kill Australian Industry, there is no way that it isn’t. I feel the Labor Government will start off small, and then after the next election up it will go. How many people now complaining about this Carbon Tax voted for this Government?

    Menzies House has started a petition (Say no to a carbon tax) link is on my blog. They are also organizing some marches, the first one will be in Canberra on the 23rd of March outside Parliament House. There link is in the petition if you like to learn more.

  3. Roofer said...

    Mags 2
    Just done the Menzies Petition – on your BLOG – I want to put this link on Roofing Blog – what do I do? The average home owner that wants to build a shed will have to do it soon – because it will become a nightmare once this CARBON TAX comes in. I think I might put in for refugee status in China? At least they’ll have work in the steel industry for me – and might even get a job back in Australia for their development of mining and resources? Could even get assistance through CentreLink?

  4. Mags 118 said...

    Hi Roofer,
    Here is the link to my blogger blog, highlight the link,right click and copy and put it into your blog through links when you do a post:-

    Or if you prefere you can put in a link just for the petition.

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