Shed Prices Rise, again!

Posted on : February 22, 2011

Just when you think that there can be no more steel shed price rises, you can think again, shed prices are on the rise again, and the steel manufacturers have stated that there are some more significant rises to come in 2011.

Shedeye showed that the January shed price rise was insignificant and for a standard 6 meters wide * 6 meters long * 2.4 meters high shed or garage you were in for less than a hundred dollars shed price increase.

The March price rise is set to hit the shed price a great deal more as it will directly impact the price of everything excluding colorbond products (January only effected colorbond products)

The list of effected products are

  • TrueCore – Roof Battens
  • Galvanised – Formwork, Accessories, Purlins
  • Zincalume – Roof and Wall Sheeting, Accessories, Top Hats, Flashings, Downpipes and Gutters.

The average price rise is approximately 10% and as these products make up most of the weight of a shed, you are going to see bigger shed prices or garage prices after March.  The shed price is all about the weight of steel that is used to construct them.

As has been previously shown Bluescope has a virtual monopoly within the shed industry, and the question needs to be asked,  is Australia paying too much for its steel sheds as a result?


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  1. Roofer said...

    Great information – it is not only sheds that will increase in cost, but the roofing, guttering and structural purlin side (in the big industrial sheds). The metal flooring such as Condek, KingFlor, Bondek etc will also impact on the highrise component. In an already slow market this will have a big effect on construction using steel in the short term. This information has come so quickly through your site – I would like to link another article in the ROOfING BLOG so readers can see where my information came from.

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