Man’s garage too short!

Posted on : February 14, 2011

This article in the Herald Sun just goes to show how important it is to do your own measurements and explain to your distributor what you are putting in your garage or shed, otherwise you may end up in a legal battle!

Man sues for short garage – Herald Sun

While this was an off the plan brick garage, there are many cases when the Roller Door Clearance and length of steel kit sheds have been incorrect, causing hassle for both the distributor and the customer. The Garage is useless if you can’t fit in your cars or Caravan and access your storage and workspace areas!

If you are going to put two cars in your garage, then make sure you measure them, or look at the car specification sheet for your make and model. A standard Holden Commodore (VE) model is approximately 4.9 meters long and 1.8 meters wide. If you wanted to put two of these in your garage and pack them like sardines, end to end, you would need slightly over 10 meters in shed length, however you also have to allow for lost space inside the shed due to the frame.

In reality, you really would not go less than 12 meters as this would give you a little bit of additional room at a low shed price increase (providing you are not increasing the gable end of the shed, an extra meter can add quite a bit of cost depending on how wide your shed already is).   The extra two meters allows for the frame inside the garage, some room at each end of the shed and some room between your cars, this is if you have the space, of course!

You also need to consider if you want space for a workshop at the side or end of the shed, or storage room.  If so, an allowance must be made, not just for your workshop or extra storage room but also to allow you access to the space itself.

So if you want to use your new Shed or Garage to put in your 4WD, your caravan, your truck or your Hum-Vee, make sure you measure and then give yourself some additional room to get in and out of the motor vehicles.

The case above is not as rare as it should be.


2 Responses to “Man’s garage too short!”

  1. Roofer said...

    Dear Shedeye,

    What are the legalities of a shed customer that orders a shed of a certain size expecting (without realising the portal frames can use up interior space) room for a vehicle – and getting something smaller.
    Do shed quotes include external measurements and internal free space?

    The Roofer

  2. Shedeye said...

    Dear Roofer,

    The customer signs off on the dimensions of the shed in the contract they sign with the distributor. 95% of sheds and garages are built with additional width and length and would never run into this problem.

    Most distributors are skilled in working out the internal free space and clearance, however the internal free space is almost always NOT included on the contract and either is the roller door clearance.

    Thanks to your comment an estimated internal free space and clearance will be included in the design specification included with any shed designed using Shedeye.


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