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Posted on : January 27, 2011

We have just received the following request:


Hello, I write the ROOFING BLOG with my latest article on sheds (and also fencing) that is questioning the major player, regulators, ShedSafe etc – all questions I am trying to explore with no success! I happened across your website SHEDEYE which seems to contain all the info regarding the shed industry without the affiliations to other companies with seem to be rife in this commercial sector.

Could it be possible that a link to your website be included for my readers to follow up this very confusing industry?

My article which I am endeavouring to explore this industry is below, and I really only need to link a new article with the questions to your website to answer these!

The Roofer of the Roofing Blog


The answer to this question is a resounding YES. You have effectively hit the nail on the head Roofer, Shedeye is independent with NO affiliations Shedeye Conflict of interest disclosure. We agree that the Shed industry is an extremely difficult industry to navigate, the whole point of this site actually! Shedeye has done an enormous amount of research, and we have the article you need!!! Stay tuned!

To our readers, I recommend that you take a look at the Roofing Blog, it is an excellent look at the roofing industry and it has quite a bit of overlap with the shed industry and deals with quite a few of the same players!


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  1. Roofer said...

    Thank you – my BLOG readers will be very interested in this site – a lot more to offer than meets the eye!!! I’ll start up the link shortly – will let you know.


    The Roofer

  2. Metal Roofing Brisbane said...

    Great to see another blog informing people about roofing.

  3. RO Steel Roofing said...

    Great post and blog! Keep it up!

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