Steel Shed Price Rise – Buy NOW!

Posted on : December 16, 2010

Hold on, read this before you make that decision.

Unlike the previous hefty price rise (September 2010), this price rise (January 2011) is approximately 5% and is limited to colorbond products only, the main product being the cladding, not the frame.  There have been roughly 3 price rises per year over the last couple of years, and until Iron-ore prices stabilise, shed prices likely to rise over the next 24 months.  Shed Prices should stop rising with a great deal of additional ore capacity coming on line, however it is also dependent world demand staying constant.

For a standard 6 meters wide * 6 meters long * 2.4 high you are talking of a price increase of less than a hundred dollars. You should be able to negotiate a discount to cover this amount if you wish to buy after January.

The price of steel sheds is still far more economical than substitute products, and if global demand does not increase further, the continual price rises should taper out.

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