Shedeye Usability Testing

Posted on : September 6, 2010

It is always fascinating to see real users in action on a website. As the owner of a site it makes you realise that so much of what we do is based on assumptions of what we expect people will do, rather than reality!!! I found myself on numerous occasions, willing and begging the user to use the site as I expected them too, however I quickly learnt to expect the unexpected!!!

Shedeye has had over 15 people test the usability of the site, hopefully making it a much better site. Here is one example of a Usability Test, showing how easy it is for a complete novice with no experience with the site to create and modify complex sheds or garages. This is after we redesigned (more than once!) using the feedback from the users. The tester in this video is based in England, to ensure that we made no assumptions!


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