2 of the 11 commandments for analysing shed and garage quotes

Posted on : September 21, 2010

Make Sure You Can Compare The Price Components

The key is to compare the three major price components of your shed or garage and determine if you are better off using a distributor that does not do the building themselves or a distributor that does.

The quote for your new shed or garage must separate out the price for the Shed Kit, concreting and erecting of your new shed.  This way you can determine if you are getting the best deal for you Shed or Garage Kit and the shed erecting. 

One thing you need to remember when buying a shed or garage is that some distributors only make a profit when they erect the shed or garage for you and lay the concrete.  They make little or no profit on selling the actual shed to you.

Is this good for you?  It can go either way, it can mean that you get a better deal as the distributor is using the sale of the shed to keep him in work, or if they have a backlog of work they will up the price to increase profit margins.


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