Half Price Aluminium Box Lengths for Sale – Maryborough

Posted on : July 9, 2015

If anyone is interested in the below please contact

Russell Cousins

M: 0410 780 238

E: rc@iig.com.au


Available dimensions of 7 meter & 6 meter lengths of boxed Aluminium.  It is new, not damaged and is still in the timber boxed packaging.  Russell is looking for around the half price mark.


  • 7 meter, 3mm Gauge, 100 x 75, 40 lengths
  • 6 meter, 4mm gauge, 100 x 100,  3 Lengths
  • 6 meter, 4mm gauge, 100 x 50,  29 Lengths
  • 6 meter, 6mm gauge, 50 x 50,  51 Lengths
  • And 24 x 6 meter corners.


IMG_2550 IMG_2546


Cheap Sheds – How much do they cost?

Posted on : January 9, 2015

What makes a cheap shed?

The old saying you get what you pay for is definitely true for Sheds.  There are shed companies that will cut corners (the key removing as much steel as possible – the lighter the shed the cheaper it will be) and then there are those that will not compromise.  There are strict regulations and building guidelines stipulated in the BCA (Building Code of Australia) but like all products there are those that will do the absolute minimum to meet the standards and there are those that pride themselves in exceeding them and creating excellent products.

So why should you care?  Some of these shortcuts will translate to a reduction in quality, watch out for the following

  • You might get 0.40 TCT on the roof sheet  – that is in this case a 0.40mm thick Total Coated Thickness or the equivalent of 0.35mm BMT (Base Metal Thickness). So this is 0.07mm thinner than the normal roof sheeting that should be installed for a domestic shed. It’s cheaper and many people don’t know the difference!  This thickness of steel is easily damaged and usually can’t be walked on.  You can find more detail on the difference here.
  • There are three major types of sheds and all of these will have different pricing (C-Section is usually the cheapest).
    • Cold Rollformed portal frame shed (constructed using C-Section steel).   This is what the largest manufacturers usually provide and are usually limited to a span of 18 meters.
    • Structural fabricated steel shed (constructed using H section, I beam or C channel).  This type of shed has a high strength joining system and while it can be assembled more quickly it usually reserved for greater than 18 meter spans.
    • Steel  Stud framed sheds.  These are identical to the steel stud framing used in housing.  This has an advantage of providing additional internal area over C-Section construction.
  • Sheds cost more if you buy them on finance, see the article here for more information
  • Is the steel imported or from a local steel manufacturer.  The line is getting blurred here as the likes of BlueScope have massive manufacturing capacity overseas now.  The question should probably be changed to “has the steel be tested to meet Australian standards”.  Not all steel is of the same quality as can be seen here.
  • Some shed packs are complex to put together and will cost more to erect (often the cheaper sheds).
  • There are lots of additional tricks (and sometimes costly mistakes) that will save steel and reduce the price.

Please beware and make sure that you understand the difference when buying a shed, as not all sheds are the same!

Now to the cheapest of the cheap, accurate as of the 1/2/2015.  These have been sourced from various companies providing portal frame sheds (C-Section) that are known within the industry to have the cheapest sheds and garages.  Note that these prices do not include delivery, erection, windows, personal doors, insulation or automatic door mechanism or plans in some cases!  In addition, they do not advertise what components they are using or what wind rating they are rated too, so this could go up significantly if you are in a high wind zone or an area that can get snow.

Caution: These are advertised prices without much about the actual components in addition this does not include buidling, you must see the detailed shed specification before you can make a true and accurate comparision.


Single Garage Cheap Prices

with Roller Door 2200h x 2770w or 2500h x 2770w 

 $2,400 : $2,730 – 3.6 meters x 7 meters x 2.4 meters high

$2,600 : $2,900 – 4.2 meters x 7 meters x 2.4 meters high

$3370 : $3,710 – 4.2 meters x 9 meters x 3.0 meters high

Double Garage Cheap Prices

with 2 x Roller Door 2200h x 2770w or 2500h x 2770w 

 $2,950 : $3,415 – 6 meters x 6 meters x 2.4 meters high

$3,650 : $4,060 – 6 meters x 7 meters x 3 meters high

$5440 : $5,950 – 7 meters x 10 meters x 3.0 meters high

There is no doubt these prices are from internationally sourced steel, just remember that you must compare quote for quote and all details must be included so you can fairly compare.  Do not buy the shed until you have seen the detailed specification of your shed or garage.  Not to mention you will want good service as often components will be missing or damaged.  Lesser shed companies will have one out of every ten sheds with damaged or missing parts, you need a distributor that provides great service when things go wrong.


Shed and Garage business for sale

Posted on : January 6, 2015

How much is your shed and garage business worth on the open market?  You will see three very different shed businesses here offering different value for the potential buyer.  Will an established brand with licensed territory attract a resale premium or will a claimed internet business win out?

Sunshine Sheds & Garages – Ranbuild

  • 2014 Turnover $1,125,627
  • Sunshine Sheds & Garages hold an exclusive Dealers Licence Agreement with Ranbuild as a Reseller.
    Dedicated Licensed Territory: North to Eumundi, South to Burpengary, West to Kingaroy.  
  • Price: $520,000 + sav
It is hard to know the value until the net profit is understood (how much is paid to lease the land etc). Given the net margin might be approximately 20% this means that the Net would be approximately  $220,000.  So the asking price is approximately 2-3 times profit.

Home Internet Shed and Garage Business

  • 2014 Financial year 684K
  • Home-based. You will need an office with computers and internet
  • Gross Profit 101K
  • Price : $POA

This one is very different being a purely at home business and it should have much smaller overheads, that are driven into lower online prices.  Assuming an approximate margin of 20% again, this would value this at ~ $250, 000.

Sheds & Garages – Hunter Area For Sale

  • Freehold included in price (800 sq approx.) -Display Office and 3bdrm home
  • Nets Owner Operator $150,000 PA
  • Price: $320,000

This also follows the exact same valuation formula of approximately 2 x Profits.  This does have a significant freehold attached to it though.

As you can see all very different businesses, without understanding more about the internet business it is very difficult to assess its value.

Would you accept 2 x annual Profits for your shed business?


Looking for guest posters

Posted on : January 2, 2015

To all of the shed industry experts out there.

I am looking for people that have a passion for the industry to write unique and original articles, no marketing, real content.  I am happy to provide credit and contact details or you can remain anonymous if you like.

Drop me a line at russ@shedeye.com.au


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IN2 SHEDS – Geelong – Another Shed Ripoff

Posted on : December 28, 2014
in 2 sheds rip off

In 2 Sheds

Check out the article here and here

Another one is added to the list and has been liquidated.

  • Debt of approximately $600,000
  • 62 people have lost deposits of $300,000

This is outrageous, something has to be done to stop this as the count of people that have lost deposits on sheds is getting very high.  I wonder how many more people need to lose their money before one of the so-called regulators does something to protect consumers.

in2sheds liquidation notice


It has been a while, and I am committed to adding new articles and research over the 2015 year.  I am adding some new features to the site and will start active development again.

I will be adding a paid advertising directory and will be offering some of the tools that have been developed by Shedeye to shed companies to help them with their sales process.  Stay tuned.


Steelx has acquired The Shed Company Group

Posted on : August 25, 2014

Here is the official release.


The privately owned Australian business of THE Shed Company Group has recently been acquired by another privately owned Australian business Steelx Group. In acquiring the business and brands of THE Shed Company the Steelx Group seeks to strengthen its product offerings to the Steel Fabricated building industry and to strengthen its design, programming and marketing reach.

The Group which now comprises 6 brands is ably supported by industry experienced management and staff of both groups and will achieve some useful synergies in respect of the placement of various market outlets for is major brands which are now:-

Wide Span Sheds
Sheds n Homes
THE Shed Company
Steel Buildings Australia
DIY Kit Homes

Released on the authority of the Directors of Steelx Pty Ltd and THE Shed Company Pty Ltd


How much money can be made in Sheds and Garages?

Posted on : February 8, 2014

This one is always quite hard to find out, until a Shed company goes on the market.



That is a lot of sheds and a lot of steel.  If you extrapolate the figures here it also tells you the approximate margin they are making.

Note that P.E.B.I.T.A. = Proprietors Earnings Before Interest, Tax & Amortisation

Take this estimate

  • If you say 100k for rent and other expenses
  • $2 million gross sales
  • Owners earnings of $284,000, assuming this is the PEBITA figure.
  •  ~19% margin (depending on how much Gross sales are over $2 million).



Buying a Shed, lowest risk to the consumer

Posted on : February 4, 2014

It is a sad fact that too many people over the years have lost money when buying sheds.

The most recent being the Sidach debacle, but this is in a long list including


What are the risk to the consumer


1.  A distributor goes bankrupt or illegally takes the money from the consumer.

This is the retail outlet, the one that has the sites that you walk around and look at the shed.  They usually don’t have the relationships with the suppliers and rollformers, but are important as they do the sale, site inspection, and organise the building of the shed.  The are also important as the do the after sales support and help with damaged or faulty sheds.

Often the distributor is holding the clients money and pays the manufacturer on a schedule.

  • This creates a risk as while it provides operating cashflow to the distributor it does provide a risk that the consumer can loose their money part way in the process of their shed being manufactured.
  • There is a timing risk in the deposits being collected and the shed not being ordered and in the milestone payments not being passed onto the manufacturer.
  • To be clear there are 100’s of extremely talented, ethical and trustworthy distributors in the shed industry
  • That said due to their being in the vicinity of a 1000 distributors in Australia the risk of an unscrupulous or poor business operator is increased.

Model One : The current model in the industry is shown in the below diagram.


An easy way to remove the above problems is for the client to pay the money direct to the wholesaler.

Model Two : A new way to eliminate this risk is shown below.


This is an extremely rare model in the industry and the research that we had done shows that only Sheds n Homes has this arrangement in place through their Manufacturer / Wholesaler Steelx PTY LTD.

This labelled the “Guarantee Of Supply” by Steelx and is represented by the below label.


This definitely protects the consumer from mismanagement at the distributor level, as the distributor never sees any money outside of their commission.   That leads to the next risk, what happens if the Wholesaler / Manufacturer goes down…

2.  The manufacturer goes bankrupt or illegally takes money from the distributor.  While less likely it is a far more significant event.

These groups are smaller in number, have the relationships with the suppliers, own the brands and have the software and systems that provide the kit to the distributors.  You might ask what happens if the Wholesaler goes bankrupt, well they end up with the money at some stage in the process, so this risk is inherent in the Model 1 above.   The Guarantee does not remove this risk, but as stated both Model 1 and Model 2 above are both subject to this risk.

3.  The rollformer goes bankrupt.

Rollformers turn the cold rollformed steel into shed components.  This would be a devastating event and could send shockwaves through the whole Shed Industry.  Lets hope this never happens!!!

All in all a large percentage of the Shed Industry is ethical, honest, professional and hardworking.  Like any industry there are bag eggs and Model 2 above seems to remove the surface area of risk for the consumer.  I am sure many in the industry will disagree and a we welcome their feedback.



Sidach South Ripped Off Customers

Posted on : June 5, 2013

Approximately 12  customers have had money stolen

Approximately 12  customers have had money taken and have not received a shed – Shedeye has been personally contacted by a few and this has seriously affected some people.  Some people have taken out loans to pay for the sheds, paid in full, and will now be left with the sting of repayments.


A call out to the Shed Industry to assist the victims

Any shed company or rollformer that aids these victims, with the intention of minimising or neutralising the loss of the consumers, will have free advertising on this site for a year, and the satisfaction that they have helped people out in need.  I will provide a list of the shed sizes and the loss made on each shed next week and who ever can do the best deal will get the advertising.


A call out to the any victims that need help getting a Shed

Any person that has paid money to  Sidach North or Sidach South and has not received a shed, can you please contact us using this link.  I hope that the industry will help, as there are so many great players in this industry and this type of behaviour is simply wrong.


Some more background

How does this happen when it is backed by a big name in the industry?  There are a few models that are operated in the Shed Industry, and the Sidach model was to brand their distributors with their name even though they are legally separate entities.  There is Sidach National and then in Tasmania there were three distributors that were contracted to provide Sidachs sheds.  Sidach makes money in a number of ways, from a booking fee when the order it place, and markup on the shed and components and rebates from the rollformers.

As seen below these companies are all branded under the Sidach brand.




It is clear from the below newspaper excerpts that Sidach is very keen to make it clear that these stores are independent, what they forgot to mention is that they were all branded under the Sidach brand.  Why Sidach  has not simply compensated these victims is completely bewildering to Shedeye.



The are a number of stories behind this tragedy, this can not become another Shed Warehouse or McFadden Kit Homes.

Much more to come soon…


Compliment or Complaint for Shed Companies

Posted on : June 1, 2013

Shedeye is receiving a increased number of complaints around specific Shed Companies.  We would like to publish the compliments and to put groups of people that have a grievance together.  So if you have paid a handsome shed price and not received your shed, this is the place to lodge your complaint.



Bankruptcy Proceedings – West Coast Sheds in Western Australia and The Shed King in South Australia

Posted on : May 16, 2013





westcoast sheds


This starting to become a large issue.  The number of shed companies that are going down is continuing to increase.  The rumor on this one is that there are a number of consumers that have been taken down in the process.  This is a growing problem and one that needs to be resolved.  More on this later…

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Sidach North & Total Makeover Shed Distributor goes down

Posted on : April 19, 2013
Company: JRT (Tas) Pty Ltd
ACN: 146 839 241
Trading name: Sidach North & Total Makeover
Status: In Liquidation
Appointed: 13 March 2013




Shed Manufacturers and Insurance

Posted on : April 11, 2013

The Shed rumor mill is on overdrive at the moment with what is speculated as an inevitable collapse of a big shed player (although a similar rumor has been incorrect before).  Irrespective if this eventuates, it happened a number of times before and will happen again.  The consumer is the last one in line and they lose their money without receiving any goods.  There must be a way to protect the shed buyer in this case.

Should the parent shed companies mandate home warranty insurance as a condition of reselling their product – specifically protecting against liquidation?

This is the only way to protect consumers against liquidation (even though some providers of the insurance only cover 20% in that event).  The problem is that a great number of sheds are not covered as the mandatory home warranty insurance threshold is $20,000.  This is due to the cost of obtaining the insurance, as the shed price is significantly impacted.  The real problem is that the home warranty insurance should have far smaller premiums (as it is very rarely claimed) and the threshold should be revised downwards.

There is a three prong strategy required here.

  • Lobby the insurance companies and work harder and get more competition in this low risk insurance area to significantly reduce the premiums.
  • Lobby the government to reduce the mandatory threshold.
  • Ensure that 100% of the shed buyers outlay is covered in the case of liquidation.
  • Ensure that the mandated insurance does not impact the shed price too much.

The market is tight, and this is when poor process or high risk is punished.



Shed Companies score well in Survey

Posted on : April 8, 2013

The results were interesting to say the least.  The sample was not large enough, with only 90 respondents, but enough to draw some interesting conclusions that require some more research.

One of the questions that we asked was around the satisfaction of the end result of the shed that was purchased.  There were only three possible answers ; Excellent, Satisfied, Not Satisfied.  It was great to see that most people are happy with the end result, however of concern was one large player that scored only in the Not Satisfied and Satisfied  categories.


So how did Shedeye get rated by its users.  Not too bad, but definitely room for improvement.  I am happy to announce that a major revamp of this site is being worked on to take it to the next level.




Here is a happy customer from the survey.



A testimonial from this customer for The Shed Company in Gladstone

The Shed Company did an awesome job, I haven’t been able to fault it. The job was held up due to weather but they kept me updated with an expected completion date and got it finished promptly as soon as it dried out.

There were some glowing testimonials, however I will leave this for another article.

There were also many additional insights about how Shedeye can be improved to ensure that the general public get the best service possible.  Thankyou to all of the site users that took the time to fill out the survey, we expected at least 10-100 times this amount given the number of registered users, however it is understandable given peoples heavy emails loads.


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Metal Rollforming Expo in Australia

Posted on : April 7, 2013

The link here gives the details http://metalrollformingexpo.com.au

The Venue :  Goldcoast Convention Centre


The Dates :  September just after the elections.

A big venue and some big names have already signed up.  It is going to be interesting to see how much international presence will make it to this event.

Very exciting news for the industry, Shedeye will be getting a booth, so see you all there.

More details to follow….


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Capital Steel Buildings Statement

Posted on : March 7, 2013

This statement was received from CSB Australia


Capital Steel Buildings, felt the need to voluntarily liquidate one of the companies associated with the shed business. It had nothing to do with debt to any suppliers. No money is owed to anyone in the industry.

Capital Steel Buildings is still running and a growing business. There is no risk to any of our distributors, software users or suppliers. CSB has a leading engineering software used by many people in the industry, which is not affected by this structural change.

I would also like to point out that CSB distributors and software users, have their own accounts with the suppliers, or are suppliers themselves, so there was never any risk to anyone in the industry, or their customers.


Shed Industry Struggling

Posted on : February 21, 2013

There are more and more concrete examples that the shed industry and the broader steel industry are struggling.

  • On the 01/03/2012 RimShaw Enterprises Pty Ltd, Trading as BuyaShed was placed into Liquidation.
  • Capital Steel Buildings was placed in Voluntary Administration, with the first meeting of creditors held on 6th of February 2013.
  • The fate of Capital Steel Buildings will be decided before the 9th of March
  • Who will be next over the next 6 months?

Senior Analyst from IBISWorld, Craig Shulman has said it is likely that that CSB has been hit with lowering demand levels and rising costs in the steel industry.

“Over the past five years structural steel fabrication in Australia has declined at an annual rate of just under 1%… This has been influenced by the weak domestic demand related to the construction industry, volatility in steel prices which have raised costs and the introduction of the carbon tax” he says.

Shulman says the declining growth rate of the steel fabrication industry in Australia is likely to continue, signifying the potential administration of more steel companies.

This is a concern indeed and this raises the risk to the consumer of more Shed Warehouse type scenarios.  In addition this is tragic for the  the distributors who are also struggling to make a living,  without worrying about  a potential liquidation.  CSB currently has 17 distributors and we hope they are doing ok.

It is not over for CSB yet, as it should be noted that just because a company is in Voluntary Administration does not mean that the company is bankrupt (in liquidation).

Voluntary Liquidation


Given that the company had the first meeting of creditors was on the 6th of Feb, this  indicates that an Administrator will have been appointed at the latest of the 29th of Jan and the Meeting to to decide the company’s future will be before the 9th of March.  The three outcomes are that the Creditors return the company back to the control of the directors, the creditors accept a deed of company arrangement or the worse fate being liquidation.

We will follow the outcome of this very closely.


Shed Cannibalism

Posted on : February 3, 2013

Shedeye has been a keen observer of the Shed industry for a number of years and there are a number of very successful Business Models that have been employed.  A guaranteed model for failure is the Cannibalism model and there is some very compelling evidence that one of the larger players is about to attempt this business model soon.

The cannibalism model is where the Wholesaler uses a distributor network to sell its product, and effectively competes against them within the distributor regions through another brand.

It has come to our attention that one of the larger players is allegedly embarking on this model as we speak.

The alleged company is Sidach.  Sidach has a distributor network through Tasmania and Victoria, and has been losing dominance  over the last couple of years.  The Directors are launching a new brand called www.vipsheds.com.au and according to the website



Shedeye has confirmed that the site is owned and operated  by one of the founding directors of Sidach (and still remains a director).  Shedeye has also talked to a few of Sidach’s distributors and they have not been told about this new site and hence it is alleged by these distributors that Sidach is  about to become the shed equivalent of Cannibals.  It is all alleged of course, but the circumstantial evidence is compelling.

Taking a look at the Sidach site below you will see they are still actively seeking distributors (re-sellers / dealerships).


Will this business model work?  We are convinced if this model is employed by any Shed Wholesaler with an existing distributor network, that they will lose their distributor network, as shed wholesalers are continually trying to poach their competitors distributors (very actively).  If you take out the distributor network, this has the potential to take down a wholesaler.  The internet space is extremely competitive, and it makes entry into the online space challenging, meaning that it will take quite a while and expense to build a successful internet sales channel.

So what models does Shed industry employ.

Vertical integration

Vertical integration involves the  Roll Formers buying the wholesale distribution chains.

  • Roll Formers are the companies that take cold rolled steel coils and bend it into the required components for sheds, such as the C-Section or colorbond(TM) Sheeting.
  • Wholesale distribution chains are the well recognised brands that usually have many distributions that sell sheds under their brand.  The Wholesale distribution company provides the software to design the sheds, the engineering for the shed and holds the contracts with the Roll Formers and other component providers, such as the PA and Roller doors.

The major Roll Formers in Australia that have vertically integrated are

  • Ranbuild was purchased by Lysaght (Bluescope) in 2004
  • Fairdinkum Sheds, trading as AG&S Building Systems Pty Ltd was purchased by Stramit in August 2007
  • Garage World / Shedboss is owned by the same company as Fairdinkum Sheds.  Stramit, also known as Fletcher Building Group acquired the Morinda group (who owns both the ShedBoss and Garage World brands) in May 2008.
  • Titan Garages & Sheds is a privately owned family business that has been around since 1991.  The key difference is that Titan does their own Roll Forming and built this capability to support its distribution network.


Distribution Networks

  1. No Distributor Network.  This is usually pure internet plays and is common for garden sheds as the building of  Garden sheds is not complex.
  2. Affiliated Agent Network.  This is when the internet is used to generate the sales and much of the sales process and design is handled by the wholesaler.  The agent network is required to manage the building / site inspection .
  3. Non-Affiliated Agent Network.  This is for commodity based sheds like garden sheds and shed components.  This is when the product is supplied to many distributors across multiple manufacturers.
  4. Distributor Network.  This is where the distributor has a physical presence and usually a display.  The distributor deals with the sales process and the building process.  This is the most common model for custom sheds.  In this case the Wholesaler will provide any internet leads to the distributor for them to handle

There primary networks for custom sheds (C-Section) are

  • 4.  Distributor Network
  • 2.  Affiliated Agent Network and 4.  Distributor Network

The key for Wholesalers is that they derive their profits through volume, fees they put on top of each shed, margins on the components and rebates from the Roll Formers based on volume targets.  In this scenario the successful companies in Australia maximize either their margins per shed or the volume of   sheds sold.  Due to the rebates (more steel sold the better) volume is often a primary driver.   So it is a big risk for a Wholesaler to take on an Internet only approach as the building process requires local attention and they also risk not generating as many sales as using 4 and 2 as these capture more sales than an internet only channel.

As discussed the cannibalism model is when a Wholesaler tries to employ

  • 1.  No Distributor Network and 4.  Distributor Network / 2.  Affiliated Agent Network

There primary networks for garden and predefined sizes (not custom)

  • 3.  Non-Affiliated Agent Network
  • 1.  No Distributor Network

There primary networks for custom large sheds (structural steel)

  • 1.  No Distributor Network

Shedeye hopes that it has it wrong as this is not good for distributors trying to make a living in a very tough market.  Shedeye predicts that any company adopting the Cannibalism model will last 6 months and then bankruptcy will ensure or the company will be forced into a reversal of the model. Time will tell…

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Shed Seller Statistics – 2011

Posted on : January 25, 2013

So what does this all mean?

The shed game is a competitive business to be in, there are lots of big players that have purchased steel sales and compete with the independents.  There is clearly a saturation of shed sellers in some areas and not enough in others.  This analysis attempts to show where Shed Sellers are clustered and to explore some variables that effect shed sales in these areas.

There are some variables that have an affect on shed sales and shed prices for that matter

  • Lot sizes
  • Population Growth
  • New housing construction
  • Average income
  • The number of Shed Sellers

So take a look and drill into your area for more details (all of the above).

Population growth within 200km of a Shed Seller

View Population growth within 200km of a Shed Seller in a full screen map


Average Lot Size within 50km of Australian Shed Sellers

View Average Lot Size within 50km of Shed Seller in a full screen map


Average Lot Size within 200km of Australian Shed Sellers

View Average Lot Size within 200km of Shed Seller in a full screen map


Number of new developments within 200km of Australian Shed Sellers

View in a full screen map


Average Income within 200km of Shed Seller

View in a full screen map


Shed – eye for detail.

Posted on : October 14, 2012

Sheds come in different types

The majority of sheds sold today in Australia are of the portal frame design and the components are what is called cold rollformed. But there are two other important types of shed construction that is becoming more popular, the structural steel frame and the stud frame sheds. This is a quick rundown on the three different types:


1. Cold rollformed portal frame shed.

This is the most common type of shed and is normally supplied pre-engineered and in a kit form. The main structure (called the portal frame) consists of rolled purlins, girts, batton, top hat and brackets. The cladding and flashings are common to all types.


Portal frame showing apex and knee brackets

Portal frame showing apex and knee brackets

As you can see the basic prinicple is that all the purlins (both rafters and colums) consist of cold rolled C section joined by fabricated brackets that bolt each assembly together. The roof and wall members are added once all the portal frames have been stood. This is a very efficient system that can be transported easily and assembled on site with minimal tools. 


2. Structural fabricated steel shed.

 Nearly the same engineering prinicple as number 1 – except all the colums and rafters are from hot rolled section such as H section, I beam, or C channels with welded cleats and joiners on all ends. All other components are normally the same. The advantage of this type of design is for larger spans especially used in large warehouse constructions and normally over 18 meter width.
Structural steel is a bolt together design with heavy structural steel

The structural steel is heavy to transport but does allow faster erection and extremely high strength joining system. All the other components are very similar.


3. Steel stud framed sheds.

 Now this is completely different to the above two. It is identical to the steel stud framing used in housing and results in a very strong overall construction. The walls and trusses are all prefabicated in sections and simply stood on site and then clad. The advantage of this system is the ease of which you finish the sheeting internally and is the reason it is gaining popularity. 

Steel stud frame shed

As you can see there are no colums protruding into the interior and all window and door penetrations are done at fabrication stage. While slightly more to transport – the erection time is greatly reduced and the finish (interior) allows much cheaper cladding solutions. It can be treated in the same way as a normal house frame. 


Not all sheds are the same, and to ensure you obtain one that suits your purpose contact Shedeye.